The Vixens




Lemon Squeezer

What is your skater name/number?

Lemon Squeezer/8812

What’s the story behind your name?

In 2002, I thru-hiked the 2100 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  Aside from roller derby, it was the most exciting adventure I have experienced.  The Lemon Squeezer is a rock formation in New York located on the trail that backpackers had to climb and squeeze their way through with 30-50lb packs.  As a jammer, I attempt to squeeze my way through the walls of a pack just like those walls of rock. Sometimes I get lucky, and sometimes I get knocked on my ass.

Why roller derby?

Moving back to the Midwest following 8 years in the San Francisco area left me greatly missing the rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, and camping adventures in the mountains I loved.  When I found roller derby now existed in the town I had grown up in, I found a new adventure I so desperately needed in my life and along with it a second family. I have always loved a physical challenge, and derby couldn’t be more perfect.  It has taught me the importance of getting back up when you get knocked down, and that the bond shared between team members is something far greater than the memories it creates.

What is one thing you can’t skate without/your favorite piece of gear?

Because I’ve gone over a year now skating with all the original gear I purchased when I started out as fresh meat, duck tape is 1 thing I literally couldn’t skate without because it is holding all of my old gear and my skates together.  And thanks to the tape this old but great gear will see it’s way into a new year ready for a whole new set of adventures.

What history do you have with roller skating?

Over a quarter of a century ago I attended Rutland Grade school and they would rent out the paramount skating rink one night a week. I fell down hundreds of times learning how to skate.  20 years later I put quad skates on again and have the pleasure of  practicing in the same room where a big part of my childhood took place. When I’m on that wood floor I feel like I am that kid again and that is an amazing feeling.


Boston Teabagger

What is your skater name/number?
Boston Teabagger, 1773

What’s the story behind your name?
My first day, I was introduced to coach as a new recruit who
recently moved from Boston. I was also carrying all my stuff in a Red Sox bag. He told me he was bad
with names, and would just call me Boston from then on. He didn’t remember my real name for about 3
months. Half the team thought that Boston was my real name. I wanted to integrate “Boston” into my
derby name somehow, but just couldn’t think of anything that sounded right. Shocka suggested Boston
Teabagger and it just stuck. 1773 was the year of the Boston Tea Party, hence the number. J

Why Derby?
I’ve loved skating about as long as I could walk. I had almost all of my birthday parties
as a kid at Rollerworld, my old MA skating stomping grounds. I went to my first Boston Derby Dames
bout back in 2006 – The Nutcrackers Vs. The Wicked Pissahs – and fell in love. I KNEW I needed derby
in my life. Unfortunately, knee surgery prevented me from joining back while I was in Boston, but once
I moved out here and heard about the Vixens I jumped/skated ALL over it. Now I feel like I can’t live
without it – derby isn’t just a sport, it’s an entire lifestyle, complete with a whole derby family!

What is one thing you can’t skate without/your favorite piece of gear?
Not sure I have a favorite piece of gear…….my gumball toestops are pretty awesome. But I think my favorite person to skate with rather than “thing” is my awesome Derby Wife, Emmer Effer!!

One random and awesome fact about you.
I’m having a hard time narrowing down just one, so I’m
going to list a few in one giant sentence: In addition to derby, I also teach dance; I’m clumsier on my
own 2 feet than I am on skates, making me think that having my skates permanently grafted to my feet
is a good idea; I once won a regional karaoke contest, the prize being a free trip to Nevada to compete
in nationals; I can make 3 loops with my tongue and pop my hips out of place on command; I have a
ridiculously large Harley Quinn collection and even have a tattoo of her as a derby girl; and last but not
least, I can quote the movie The Big Lebowski in its entirety, and sometimes accidentally slip from normal
conversation into Lebowski quotes.